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We understand the importance of equipping therapists with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to provide exceptional care to their clients. Our certification program is designed to bridge the gap between traditional schooling and real-world practice, empowering therapists to become confident and competent child-centered play therapists.

Comprehensive Training

Our program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers essential topics and techniques in child-centered play therapy. Therapists not only gain a deep understanding of child-centered play therapy principles and practices but also learn how to effectively engage with parents and caregivers, involving them in the therapeutic process.

Elevate your skills with personalized feedback

One of the hallmark features of our certification program is session video review, a unique and invaluable opportunity for therapists to receive personalized feedback and guidance.

During the program, therapists submit video footage of themselves conducting play therapy sessions with children. Each session is reviewed with the therapist, providing positive reinforcement and targeted suggestions for honing the delivery of child-centered play therapy skills.

Professional Recognition

Upon completing the six-month program, therapists will earn the prestigious Play Therapy Professional™ certification, signifying their commitment to excellence in child-centered play therapy.

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