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Hi, I’m Dr. Brenna Hicks,  The Kid Counselor® and the host of the Play Therapy Podcast.

In 2018, I started the Play Therapy Parenting podcast as a way to educate and engage parents in the play therapy process. Eventually, I had so many clinicians subscribing and emailing me that I launched a second podcast just for child-centered play therapists.

The Play Therapy Podcast quickly grew to thousands of listeners each week, and I was getting so many emails and questions that I added a second episode per week dedicated to Q&A.

Further, many listeners were emailing me asking if I offer training. So, in March of 2023, I launched a coaching program called Six-Figure Play Therapist, which focused on instructing child-centered play therapists to deliver excellence in play therapy services in a private practice setting.

Participating in 6-Figure started with an hour-long ‘discovery call’ with me to determine if the program was the right fit for the therapist. These calls gave me a finger on the pulse of the play therapy world, gaining valuable insights into the needs and challenges of therapists in the field.

Bridging the gap

After speaking with hundreds of therapists, I became painfully aware that our play therapy education and training institutions were not adequately preparing therapists.  They lacked confidence and a framework for delivering high-level child-centered play therapy services in professional settings.

So, after receiving innumerable requests for a purely classical CCPT coaching program, I created the Play Therapy Professional™ Certification and coaching program.

With a two-pronged approach, our program aims to nurture top-tier play therapists while also spearheading the preservation and advancement of the classical child-centered model.

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Dr. Brenna Hicks