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Certification Graphics Usage Guidelines

Play Therapy Professional™ Certified

Click the links below to download the graphics files.

Suggested use cases:

  • Websites – you would typically use the 800px PNG file
  • Print – in most print use cases you would provide the PDF file to your printer
  • Promotional products/Embroidery – you would typically provide the Vector EPS file to your provider

By following these usage instructions, you can effectively showcase your Play Therapy Professional™ certification while maintaining professionalism and integrity in your practice of child-centered play therapy.

Placement: Display the certification badge prominently on your professional website, email signature, and social media profiles to highlight your Play Therapy Professional™ certification status.

Size and Scale: When resizing the certification badge, ensure that it remains clearly visible and legible. Avoid scaling the badge too small, as this may compromise its readability and impact.

Color and Contrast: Use the certification badge in its original color scheme and avoid altering its colors or contrast. This helps maintain brand consistency and ensures that the badge stands out effectively.

Clear Space: Leave sufficient clear space around the certification badge to prevent visual clutter and maintain its visual integrity. Avoid placing other elements too close to the badge, allowing it to stand out prominently.

Linking: If using the certification badge as a clickable link on websites or digital platforms, ensure that it directs users to the official Play Therapy Professional™ website or relevant certification verification page.

Inclusion in Marketing Materials: Incorporate the certification badge into your marketing materials, such as business cards, brochures, and promotional materials, to underscore your professional credentials and expertise in child-centered play therapy.

Printing: When printing the certification badge on physical materials, such as letterheads or promotional items, ensure that it maintains its quality and clarity. Use high-resolution files to achieve optimal print results.

Usage Restrictions: Do not modify or alter the certification badge in any way that could misrepresent its intended purpose or dilute its credibility. Avoid using the badge in contexts that may undermine the integrity of the Play Therapy Professional™ certification program.

Verification: Encourage interested parties to verify your certification status by providing them with access to your official Play Therapy Professional™ certification verification page. This helps establish trust and credibility in your professional credentials.

Compliance: Adhere to all usage guidelines and instructions provided by the Play Therapy Professional™ certification program to ensure consistent and appropriate use of the certification graphics.